Terms and conditions (paying clients)

The present general conditions determine the conditions of use of the WorkyForce website which users are deemed tacitly to have accepted simply by visiting the site. If you do not wish to accept these conditions, we request that you leave the site at once. If you are legally a minor in the State in which you reside, you undertake to consult this site only in the presence of your parents or a tutor who must have previously accepted the present conditions. These conditions may be modified at any time without prior notice.

Aim of the site

WorkyForce is a platform developed to connect job seekers (individuals) with recruiters (both individuals and companies), mainly in sectors such as hotel industry, babysitting, assistance.
The website provide information about the company, namely our team and organizational structure, research activities, facilities, advertising and history. The content of the website shall not be considered as having contractual value.


WorkyForce undertakes to ensure that the content of this site complies with the legal provisions currently in force. They undertake especially not to distribute content that is in violation of the rights of third parties, as being of a violent, pornographic or defamatory character and not to distribute content that is illicit, and in particular racist, xenophobic, pedophiliac or otherwise detrimental to human dignity.

However, WorkyForce does not guarantee that the information contained on this site is accurate, up to date or complete.


WorkyForce shall not be liable:

  • for damage or injury resulting directly or indirectly from the consultation of this site or from the use of information available on the site;
  • for direct or indirect harm resulting from the use of the site, and especially for any adverse operating, financial or trading effects or any loss of programs or data in information systems, even where WorkyForce may have prior information as to the potential for such harm;
  • in relation to links with other sites, which are supplied for information purposes only. Any link from this site to another is considered to be accessed under the sole responsibility of the user. WorkyForce shall not be held responsible for the information available on these other sites and shall assume no liability in relation to their content;
  • for any hyperlinks that lead to this site. The creation by a third party of any hyperlink leading to this site or to any of the pages on this site shall require the prior agreement of WorkyForce. WorkyForce reserves the right to demand the removal of any such link.

WorkyForce reserves the right, as considered necessary, to modify or suspend temporarily or permanently, all or part of this site, without prior notice or indemnity of any kind whatsoever.
WorkyForce may under no circumstances be considered liable to the user or to any third party for any modification, interruption or suspension of this site.

Intellectual property rights

All the images and texts available on this site, together with all the product or brand names mentioned, are the exclusive property of the company __________ or of their subsidiaries or are held by them under license.

Information available on this site may only be downloaded, posted or printed for private use, that is to say for non-commercial purposes, without any modification being made to declarations regarding intellectual property rights and in taking care to reproduce the following statement on each copy made: “This document is derived from the WorkyForce website (https://www.workyforce.com). All rights of reproduction are reserved”.

Using information from the website in any other manner than that indicated above is prohibited without the prior written authorization of WorkyForce.

Protection of personal data and other information

No personal data is collected without your knowledge. WorkyForce may sometimes collect anonymous data, such as data concerning searches that are performed. This data is used only for statistical purposes.

However, you may sometimes be asked to communicate personal information. Such information may not be transmitted to any third party without your prior authorization.

If you are a candidate, you can register for free on the platform (the login can also be done via social media: Facebook, Google and LinkedIn) and you will be asked to provide some information about you in order to create your profile page, such as:

  • personal data: name, surname, date of birth, gender;
  • studies: school career, attended schools, years and educational qualifications, certifications;
  • work experience: company, location, years, title / role;
  • personal information: driving license, first aid courses, criminal record status, spoken languages, desired salary, availability (part-time, full-time), telephone number, website, email, Skype contact, etc;
  • details of your document: identity card, passport, etc.;
  • CV and cover letter: you can choose a CV template and the system will automatically generate your CV in PDF format based on the data entered (you can download it and use it outside the platform as well). Through the platform "Vimeo", you can present yourself with videos (both freely and in a guided way by answering some questions), or you can also upload your photos for free (profile photo, background photo, etc).

You can choose whether or not to disclosure some personal data to the employers (gender, date of birth, etc.).
You can also share a secret link that allows unregistered users to view your profile and download the pdf of your CV.
The data will be saved on the Mysql Database, with encrypted passwords. The backups will also be encrypted.
The automatically generated CV in pdf will be saved on the server and accessible only to you, the employers who have paid and to those who are in possession of the secret link that you shared.

If you are a paying client, as employer you can see all the data of the candidates (except from the ones the candidate has decided not to make visible) and create a complete profile page. You can insert a job post, but some additional information is needed: job location (if different from the one previously inserted), economic offer, questions to be asked to the candidate, request for a presentation via video, sector/work department, position/role, etc.

The contact between you and the candidate takes place off-platform: you have access to the candidate’s details and can simply contact him.

You can select among three types of product:

  1. one shot subscription that allows you to insert an announcement for 30 days and to see the profiles of the candidates which respond to your job offer - 39 euros;
  2. subscription for posting 10 offers for 30 days. Renewable monthly (with the possibility of ceasing the renewal) - 250 euros;
  3. subscription for posting 40 offers for 30 days. Renewable monthly (with the possibility of ceasing the renewal) - 500 euros.

The payment will be made through the platform “Stripe” by credit card. The currency of the payments will be in euro.
At the moment a refund policy has not been defined.

Whether you are a candidate or an employer, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you by contacting the editor of the site. In particular, you can at any time:

  • suspend your account: your data will not be deleted, but they will not be displayed on the site. The user will be able to reactivate the account at any time;
  • delete your account: your data will be deleted (and replaced with fake data for technical issues of database integrity). You will not be able to reactivate the account, but you will have to create the profile again.
Applicable law & jurisdiction

The present general conditions are subject to ________ law. Failing amicable settlement, the court of Switzerland (which one?) shall have jurisdiction to settle any dispute relative to non-compliance with the present terms.